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Teaches Crafting Workable Magic


 Hey , we held a seat for you!  

 We are excited to release our first Magician’s Masterclass featuring Michael Close.  This class is filled with wisdom from a leading thinker, creator, performer and consultant in the world of magic.

An Entirely New Approach to Teaching the Art of Magic

Stunning Video Production

Magic is no longer stuck in the 90’s.  Professionally produced, high-quality HD video streaming.

Instant Access

Start learning instantly and join the conversation with other magicians

Mobile & Tablet friendly

Designed for modern magicians. It’s great on the go!

12 Video Lessons

Michael Close unleashes his thoughts on magic, performing, writing and creating new material


4 Workshop Sessions

Ryan Joyce presents four original ideas to Michael Close for dissection.  These ideas include:

1) A routine Ryan is performing
2) A new routine that is ready for stage
3) A new concept idea Ryan’s brainstorming
4) A new closer

Michael Close’s wisdom and attention are on full display while workshopping Ryan Joyce’s ideas.  Michael helps craft strongest magic moments for each routine.

 Tips for performing on Fool Us

Currently working on his fourth years as Magic Consultant on the hit television show Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Michael shares his thoughts for magicians who want to get on the CW Network’s hit television show.

Working magician’s conventions

Here are the essential things you need to know if you want to work for magicians.

And so much more…


A Magician’s Masterclass Exclusive