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 Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Michael Close!

Michael Close

Teaches Crafting Workable Magic

In the three (soon to be four) seasons of my Fool Us participation, I have worked with several hundred magicians, helping to smooth out rough edges, all with the goal of producing seamless, astonishing, theatrical moments. But unless you were one of the participants, you have no idea what that process involves. You’ve only seen the end result. Until now.

-Michael Close


This 2.5hour course is filled with 12 lessons and 4 workshop sessions.

An Entirely New Approach to Teaching the Art of Magic

We are thrilled to present our first Magician’s Masterclass featuring Michael Close.

This class is filled with wisdom from a leading thinker, creator, performer, and consultant in the world of magic.   In this masterclass, Michael Close unleashes his thoughts on magic, performing, writing and creating new material.  This class is for serious students interested in learning the art and craft of magic.

Magic is no longer stuck in the 90’s.  Professionally produced, high-quality HD video streaming.  Start learning instantly and join the conversation with other magicians.

Designed for modern magicians. It’s great on any device and on the go!

  • Instant Access
  • Stunning HD Video Production
  • Desktop, Mobile & Tablet friendly
  • Compatible with Mac or PC
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 4 Workshops Sessions
  • Exclusive Content Available only on Magician’s Masterclass
  • Engage in conversations with other magicians


Watch this impromptu lesson with the Magician’s Masterclass Team captured between takes:


Workshop Sessions

Workshops teach magic wisdom. These workshops give you a front row seat to Michael Close’s thinking and approach to crafting the best possible magic routine, they are the foundation of Magician’s Masterclass.

During this course, Michael Close is presented with four original ideas for dissection and discussion.  This is where the real magic unfolds.  Secrets and methods are not the focus in Magician’s Masterclass, these workshops teach you how to think.  Four workshops with four   These ideas include:

1) An opener
2) A closer
3) A character piece/new concept
4) A routine already in performance

Michael Close’s wisdom and attention to detail are on full display while workshopping these ideas.  Learn Michael’s personal approach as he helps craft strongest magic moments for each routine.

  There are plenty of resources for magicians to learn secrets and methods.   These workshops are a rare opportunity to see first hand how magic’s greatest minds craft their magic.

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Magician’s Masterclass is the only resource available to serious magicians interested in learning showmanship, creativity, and magic theory.

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