Who are you?

Are you a worker? Are you a working pro? A professional?


Recently I was involved in a discussion online about what makes a magician a professional.

Professionalism is essentially an attitude. It is a positive attitude towards both the business and performance sides of your avocation.

However, there is no one thing that defines a professional; at least from the inside looking out. I’ll discuss from the outside looking in later in the article.

You can be a pro and not make money. There may be quite a few of you in this category. You can also be an amateur and make millions.  Not because you are a terrible magician but because you got lucky.

A professional is usually someone who gets paid for their experience.  An experienced amateur magician is still a professional.

Does payment mean you are professional?  Payment comes in various forms. You set the value for yourself– it can be meatballs to millions.  You can be paid in dollars, respect, gratitude, even reverence.  In today’s world, the exchange of money is also the representation of accomplishment and respect. 

That’s how the world defines it, these are the rules.

A professional entertainer sees themselves differently amongst their peers either through experience, clients or attitude.   This is not being ‘a snob’ or being arrogant— it’s what makes us all unique in the eyes of clients.  It is the comfort in the knowledge that you can deliver the product or service you’ve been hired to do.  Hopefully better than the client hoped.

Now go out and deliver, professionally.


What are your thoughts?



    I think when calling someone “Professional” it can be referring to 2 things. 1) That someone is using Magic/Mentalism as their main income. 2) That they are a really well polished performer. I think the only one that can decide that they are “pro” according to the second meaning would be ones self.

    I wish I can call my self a “full pro” (both meanings)

    • Peter Mennie (author)

      I agree. It is a combination of both points however there are many, many performers who call themselves professional simply due to the fact that they earn money.

    • Ryan Joyce

      I agree Youchy. Professional is also an attitude. Are you part-time Yochy or a student?

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