Magician’s Masterclass Help-A-Magician

Help a magician out.  What should Graeme do?

What’s in a name?

Do you think Graeme should change his name?



What do you think?

  • Artemus

    As Matt eluded to the spelling of your first name can be confusing and hard to remember. A more phonetic spelling may be the answer like Grayham( think of the logo) or even the shortening of it to Grey or Gray. I would give preference to Grey so as not to be confused with Gary. Just a thought.

  • mattdisero

    Always go with your name name. I think it’s the most professional thing. Catch phrase type names rarely work and I like the look of the name.
    I often misspell your first name. Might be wise to think of a web URL that doesn’t have that in it. Lots of people like myself are dumb and can’t spell 🙂

    • Ryan Joyce

      I agree with you Matt and of course there are always exceptions (Piff is an easy example) Whatever the choice– you have to be “all in” Keep us posted Graeme (Graemazing?)

  • Ryan Joyce

    I’m gonna say the fact that you are questioning it, means you are in the growth stages. IMO it’s a clear choice and a matter of time until you switch to Graeme Reed. You can transition in the meantime.

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