Happy New Year from Magician’s Masterclass

Wishing you health, happiness and all things magical.

By Ryan Joyce

This is the time of year where the calendar forces us to review and re-evaluate.  Are you?  One of the hardest things we can do as entertainers is take a real, unfiltered look at ourselves without bias and without perspective.  It’s damn near impossible.  Being critical of ourselves is either too easy and we beat ourselves up or we become completely ignorant to self-improvement.  The former is where I spend most of my time.

It’s time to get real.  What are your goals in magic?

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As I write this blog post I’m sitting in my room on a billion dollar cruise ship and while I absolutely love the opportunity to perform around the world I see a personal shift in focus for the years ahead.  For the past 8 years I’ve spent 35+ weeks at sea and that intensity continues all the way into 2019.  Before that I spent half of the year touring Canada with a team of 7 and 10,000lbs of magic. My travel bug has turned into the flu.

You can’t just wish for change; you have to roll up the sleeves and dig in.

For the past several months I’ve been working around the clock on a few projects (you’re looking at one of them) that I believe in with all my heart.  All my spare energy has been spent making them a reality.  You can never bypass hard work.  After 18 years in the business, I’ve had a few lucky opportunities handed to me however most of the successes I’ve had can be blamed entirely on my own hard work, sweat, and tears. Sound familiar?  Dig a little further than you think possible, avoid distractions and toxic people, do something every day that brings you closer to your goals. You got this.

Gather your strength, assemble your motivation and energy, let’s make 2018 incredible.

Happy New Year!
Ryan Joyce & The Magician’s Masterclass Team

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What are you goals in magic for 2018?

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