Frequently Asked Questions

Magician’s Masterclass is a community for students of magic.


Magician’s Masterclass is a video training and educational tool that teaches the art of magic directly from the minds of some of the world’s greatest magicians.

Yes. Subscription to Magician’s Masterclass is free. Access to exclusive videos and behind the scenes footage is available for everyone in the Backstage Members area. Throughout the year Magician’s Masterclass will offer classes for purchase.

In addition to the incredible free content, Magician’s Masterclass also offers specialized Masterclasses and Courses available for purchase.

Masterclasses are 149$ All other courses will be priced individually.

All of our content is digital and accessed anywhere in the world!  Become a free member today and watch an incredible tip from Michael Close titled “Stand Dirty”

An exclusive Magician’s Masterclass video 

Classes will exceed 2.5+ hours in length. They are are broken up into viewable chunks and students can return anytime.

No. Magician’s Masterclass is only available for online viewing. Downloading featured content is not allowed.

You get access to exclusive footage and behind the scenes videos that we don’t feel comfortable sharing on YouTube. Magic secrets, jargon and ideas.

Finishing touches are being made right now will be released in Dec 2017. Membership is active now, and totally free!

No. (And yes.) Tricks, ideas, secrets and methods are discussed heavily throughout the 3+ hours of each course. You are going to learn a lot of magic. The emphasis over the course of each class is to teach magicians how to be better magicians. Our mentors discuss not just their thoughts on method, but also staging, direction and maximizing impact. Performance rights not included to the ideas discussed unless a student decides to release or sell their effect.

Yes. If you are interested in learning more about participating in future Magician’s Masterclasses please visit here. (COMING SOON)

For all exclusive membership information please log in or register for your free membership. Exclusive information is available in the membership area.

Great, thanks for your input. For ideas and suggestion to make Magician’s Masterclass better please visit here.

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