Carry Extra Material

By Peter Mennie

Peter Mennie shares a tip for corporate magicians and makes a case why you should always bring extra material with you.



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  • Peter Mennie (author)

    Thanks guys. The story goes even deeper than that. It was a routine I promised but in the hectic end of the year, I forgot all about it and it was the routine that closed the deal. I could have made one up with a trip to WalMart but that’s why I built the back-up show.

  • themagicman.ca

    Yes, I’ve experienced something similar also. I always bring a back up play flat show.

    • Ryan Joyce

      Agreed– I have a few extra minutes of material we live in a checked-bag world. I’m down to one checked bag. I wish I could just do carry-on, but the floating table is too good to leave at home.

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